Story of the Painting
"I began this large painting of a blossom and bud that I picked from my parents' giant tree. I painted most of it in their sunny living room, where I often work on my art while visiting. When I left for California, I constructed a special box to transport the painting back on the plane. I painted some of the leaves in California and kept a box containing a vase of water in my car for weeks, since it was fall with not many Magnolias in bloom. When picked, Magnolia leaves need to be put in water right away so they do not turn brown. I finally found some and put the finishing touches on the blooms. Magnolias are said to represent dignity, love of nature, and nobility. Because of the great size of mature trees and the magnificence of their blooms, I can agree with that. This painting has been purchased."


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  "Magnolia", Botanical watercolor painting by Stephanie Scott, artist