Story of the Painting
"For several years at Christmas, I took particular care in selecting Poinsettias for my house because I wanted to paint one. Finally, I did. I wanted to paint a red one which I have always liked the best. It is associated with Christmas joy and cheer, a time of year which has been celebrated for ages for many reasons, including the birth of Christ (celebrated as the son of god), as well as the return of the light of the sun after the darkest (shortest) days of the winter solstice — of particular interest to early cultures dependant on agriculture. The Poinsettia, now known as the Christmas flower, as legend has it, began its association with Christmas in Hispanic culture when a child who could not afford a grander gift, placed weeds on an altar to Jesus, after which they turned in to brilliant red blooms. Poinsettias are native to central Mexico and Central America and prefer not to get too cold (below 50°F). They symbolize good cheer and merriment, the happiness of the Christmas and winter solstice season, and a good flower for December’s joyful celebrations."


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  "Poinsettia", Botanical watercolor painting by Stephanie Scott, artist