Red Daylilies


Story of the Painting

"I grew this flower in my garden, thought it was really beautiful and wanted to paint it. When finished, I thought the painting had Christmas colors & a joyousness to it. Daylilies come in a myriad of colors and in the language of flowers they imply coquetry. The scientific name for Daylily is Hemorocallis, meaning "beautiful for a day." Each flower lives only for a single day and so Daylilies are not sold as cut flowers. At night, the strong blossom seems to melt, resembling wet colored tissue paper. However, there are many buds on each scape (stalk). A mature plant has many scapes, hence a great many flowers. I often pick the flowers only and float them in bowls of water where they will be beautuful for the day into the evening. The Chinese call the Daylily the plant of forgetfulness, as it is supposed to allay sorrow by causing forgetfulness."


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  "Poinsettia", Botanical watercolor painting by Stephanie Scott, artist