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Colorful Fantasy Ribbon Hand-tied Gift Packs
Christmas Wreath w Insert
Hydrangea w Insert Sleeved
Poinsettia w Insert
Christmas Wreath Ribbon Note Pack
Magnolia Ribbon Tied Gift Pack
  • Four flower notecards of the same design with matching envelopes.
  • Gift packs with hand-tied pastel “all-year” ribbons matched to the cards.
  • Encased in crystal clear cellophane wrapping with gold label on back describing what’s inside.
  • A wonderful hostess gift, teacher gift, friend gift, garden lover gift, birthday gift, all occasion small gift.
    • Beautiful personal small gift
      Four cards per package
      Ribbon hand-tied
      Notecard – 5 x 7 with matching envelopes

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Put together here by real nice people:

Students, Mothers, Retired Grandma's, Stephanie

Leda and Stephanie

One Pack


5 Packs - Get 3 Free

$ $57.25

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$ 114.00

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