Story of the Painting
"I painted this painting over a period of time from different batches of purchased flowers. Roses had never been that attractive to me until I began living near a beautiful, giant Rose garden, where volunteers would work on the Roses every week. One day, I was jogging near the garden and found piles of Roses on tarps on the ground from the volunteers' pruning. I wrapped a bundle they gave me in my sweatshirt, took them home, and put them in big vases. I was amazed at the variety of colors, and of course entranced with their beautiful scent; I decided then on a Rose painting and to plant a Rose bush in my garden. In this painting, I wanted to show the beauty of the variety of colors. The large yellow Rose is painted from the back because it was so beautiful from that view with the tinge of color on the backs of the petals. The Rose has been the symbol of love since ancient times. The historical meanings of flowers relates that Roses are symbolic of deep love, concentration, intelligence, balance, and passion. For me, they are the most difficult flower to draw and paint when fully open because of the complexity of their unfurling shapes. They also have complex meanings according to their colors, but they can generally mean devotion, honor, and intense commitment on many levels. This painting is available and for sale; call me to inquire."


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  "Roses", Botanical watercolor painting by Stephanie Scott, artist