I'm signing my at an etching demonstration. You can see the etching plat and tools.


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I've made a living as an artist for over thirty years, creating botanical watercolors and etchings of landscapes and flowers.  Over the years I've also been making products from my art which are of very high quality and have my personal touch. Thankfully, many people have loved my work which has helped me to have a career as an artist. Everything I produce is made here in the USA.

I truly appreciate you coming to visit.
Best to you,


Gift Certificate for Shopping on My Site

This Year. Give a Flower Lover a chance to buy whatever they want from my site, this includes my etchings. These are beautiful pieces of art they will enjoy for many years. For as little as a $3.50 card. Express yourself with a gift certificate to Stephanie's Little Studio.

100% Money Back If  You Are Not Satisfied. But you will be. Next year, get them a gift from someone else. But this holiday, get them a gift with Stephanie.


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Some Reasons For You To Do Business With Me

Every Mom should get a gift from Stephanie at least once.   Flower Card Gifts for Gardeners and Flower Lovers
Everything I do is high quality, designed and manufactured, made here in my studio. I print my cards here in the USA. Everything is made right here, in the U.S.A.

I sell low volume, high quality. I purposely have gifts that range at prices everyone can afford.



Celebrating over 25 years of selling my art and beautiful gifts to customers I love in towns and cities across the U.S.A.

Here's a chance to purchase real art: hand-made original etchings of landscapes representing different regions of the U.S.A. High quality reproductions of my botanical watercolors. My art and gifts can be found in museum gift shops, galleries, independent bookstores, and botanical garden gift shops across the U.S.A.


The prices can't be better. For less than the cost of a dinner out, you can give a gift that they will enjoy for many years. And the etchings are real limited edtion, original art prints. Affordable art- Does not reduce the value of the product(s).
 Gifts for  Gardeners and Flower Lovers.
You are not dealing with an impersonal business. You are dealing with Stephanie. Personal service and handling.
 If you were in San Francisco in the 1970's.
I could not even fill a giant order. You won't find my work scattered all over the place. My work and gifts are high quality. Stephanie appreciates your business.
They tell the receiver you were thoughtful in choosing their gift and you care enough to have found and selected somthing that has and will have meaning for years to come.
You are a member of a small group of people I do business with. Not part of a giant impresonal mailing list to millions of people.
I will make you a deal on custom purchases. Call me.
Something for everyone to purchase as a gift, especially for a mother.
My art increases in value. I am a known artist and becoming more known now that I have finally gotten this website together.
My gifts will last for years and be used and enjoyed for years.
You can buy handmade etchings from the artist and give them to someone you love and/or someone you want to show you care about. AND keep for yourself as a real treat.  One on one... Like seeing a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, a plumber... Know who the person is making your Gift or your Art. Be able to talk to her too.

A Few Special Words From My Customers


Love this item. With my order I received: a hand written note from the artist, information about how the etchings are made and artist's statement, and gift of some flower and etching note cards. Item was packaged nicely. Once shipped, it arrived quickly.

questionauthority75 on Jul 7, 2016

Beautiful print, exactly as described. Thank you!

helentamzin on Jun 12, 2016

I received the etching beautifully wrapped and arrived in Australia from the USA perfectly. Stephanie is such a talented artist and I just love her work - it is just gorgeous. She also does lovely cards that I have also framed and visitors always want to know where did I buy her work. Simply stunning.

williamoncollins on Mar 29, 2016

What a wonderful surprise it was to actually see Stephanie's beautiful artwork in person. I bought several copies of this etching to send to my brothers. They will LOVE them! Thank you for your awesome talent and kindness Stephanie!

Heather Isbell on Jan 9, 2016

The print is so beautiful. I love the size and the detail and style. The package arrived quickly and came with a beautiful card and information on how the print was made. Thanks, Stephanie!

Julia Bren on Jan 31, 2015

Thank you for the phone call letting me know you sent the cards.  I received the cards today and they are spectacular!!  I just love the Bearded Iris, you picked the perfect print for me.  I am going to frame it and keep it on my wall near my computer, as it brings me such a feeling of Grace and being connected to Mother Nature.  And than you for the two extra cards!  In the past, I hesitated to send them because I wanted to frame them all!  Now, I won't have to be so frugal with sending them to friends, as I have found the Mother Lode!

Thanks for bringing the miracle of God's Creations to paper.  I use your notecards to send thank you notes to friends and family, and feel so free now that I have a good supply.  You must be one heck of a gardner too!

Many thanks, and a Joyful and Blessed Holiday to you and yours.

Jacque Delgadillo

We are just now settling in to the new O'Connor Room space and beginning to exhibit art work inspired by O'Connor, etc.  Your print will be among the ones we have out "for sale."

Hope this helps.

Nancy Damises
Associate Director
GCSU Library
CBX 043
Milledgeville, GA  31061

Thank you for all the bonus note cards with my order - your work is so lovely - I'm happy to have found you!
Best -

Hi Stephanie,

            Nice website and you do nice work.

            I have a little Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco . I recently picked up (probably at some fair or fundraiser) a little package of  your rose gift enclosures, it says copyright 2002 “Roses” watercolor 38 x 30”. I have started using them as “thank you notes” for my guests.  I put their credit card receipt and one of my business cards (which fits perfectly) along with a note at their plate the last day of their stay. I’d like to purchase  3 or 4 dozen.  How would I go about doing that?

            My B and B is called “My Rosegarden Guest Rooms”.

Hi Stephanie,
Just wanted to add that I think you're right that I should consider the smaller enclosure size too; those would be perfect for including with orders.  I was thinking of the larger size for when I need to write full notes, but the small ones would add a nice touch when I need less writing space. 
Your check is in the mail.  Thanks again!


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