Who is Stephanie


Stephanie is originally from Milledgeville, Georgia and spends part of the year there and the rest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Near her studio, she has a large “painting garden” in which she grows many of the flowers she paints.

Her current line of notecards and botanical prints are printed from her original large water-colors which are shown by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Artists’ Gallery at Fort Mason in San Francisco. San Francisco Museum Artist Gallery

Her art, notecards and gifts are carried by botanical gardens, museums and  large variety of businesses across the USA. Stephanie calls on many businesses directly as well as long distance

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She has been an art teacher for many years, teaching classes and art workshops. Stephanie-Teaching

She is fortunate to have the help of a few wonderful employees.


Stephanie enjoys swimming on the national champions Walnut Creek Masters swim team and is a strong medal winning competitor.



Stephanie has a Masters Degree from San Francisco Art Institute. She has pursed her art career her entire life.

Stephanie is a master etcher with over 50 years experience in this classical art which dates back to the renaissance.


Stephanie hand_wipe_copper

She is a recognized botanical artist as well as a highly skilled framer, producing museum quality framing. 


She has created a large collection of etchings and engravings over her lifetime and made her living selling them to individuals and business who love her work. In addition she has now has a line of notecards created from the etchings.

She is an expert at working with her museum quality lithographer in printing tens of thousands of her cards.



Along with this, Stephanie runs her own warehouse,


studio and office.


Stephanie has loved gardening since she was a little girl and it is still one of the mainstays of her life.


Another mainstay in her life is her husband, Keith, who is the love of her life, helper, encourager, creative idea guy, website and graphic designer, fellow swimmer and overall nice guy ( and the author of everything you just read 🙂



Make a living as an artist and having an art business has required Stephanie to “wear many hats.” The demands of her small business are never ending. A lot of other paths in life would have been easier, but it is what she loves and needs to do. She feels very fortunate to have her health and ability, her wonderful customers, and her husband, Keith, to do whatever she has to do to make a living as an artist.