Y – Discount Information

Discount Information

 Quantity Discounts are available all the time on the following items.

  • Individual Flower Notecards
  • Individual  Etching Notecards
  • Individual Mini-cards
  • Gift Notecard Ribbon-tied 4 Card Packets
  • Matted Signed Floral Prints

        Just click on an item’s image and the Quantity Discounts will appear for you to see and will show up on items placed in the shopping cart automatically without any code needing to be entered and before any credit card information is required.

Gift Boxes of cards have their own specials, click on the gift boxes to see them.  These discounts will also show up automatically in the shopping cart.

From time to time, other special discounts which have a code to enter in the shopping cart will be given by email and these discounts will work on top of and in addition to the quantity discounts.