Gift Box Collection – Ten Floral Notecards

Stephanie describes the new
Floral Gift Box Ten Card Collection

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Gift Box Collection – Ten Floral Notecards


One Gift Box
Contains $35.00 worth of cards (10 different cards) and matching envelopes.
The cards come packed in a clean white textured paper gift box with a crystal clear cover and have a stretchy gold band bow. It also includes a packet of ten inserts describing each flower painting by Stephanie.
The photo of the gift box shows a reflection from the clear lid. See photo of same notecard below.

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The top card of your gift box may be different than the one displayed.
Your gift box contains these ten flowers shown below: “Red Rose and Bud,” “Hydrangea,” “Yellow Bearded Iris,” “Dutch Iris,” “Pink Amaryllis,” “Cymbidium Orchid Blossom,” “Camellia,” “Roses,” “Cattleya Orchid,” and “Bronze Bearded Iris.”

Additional information

Paper Color

White, Cream