Ribbon-tied 4 Card Gift Packets – backup

Colorful Fantasy Ribbon Hand-tied Gift Packs

You will Love these Ribbon-tied 4 Card Gift Packets
They are great gifts and are priced right.

  • Four flower notecards of the same design with matching envelopes. (5 x 7 cards)
  • Gift packs with hand-tied pastel “all-year” ribbons matched to the cards.
  • Holiday packs have holiday themed ribbons
  • Encased in crystal clear cellophane wrapping with gold label on back describing what’s inside.
  • A wonderful hostess gift, teacher gift, friend gift, garden lover gift, birthday gift, all occasion small gift.
    • Beautiful personal small gift
      Four cards per package
      Ribbon hand-tied

Get a bunch of these beauties for gifts
and receive valuable discount pricing.
Have fun mixing and matching them.

1 – 5 @ $11.95 each
6- 10@ $9.95 each
11 or more @ $8.95

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”OjlDn2-TlTg” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”click here to open YouTube video” auto_thumb=”1″]

With this video, I describe the gift packet features
including how easy it is to mail.

Take a look at the beautiful hand-tied ribbons’ details in the video above.


1-5 Packets

6-10 Packets

11 or More Packets

$ 11.95 $9.95 $8.95

1 – 5 Packets


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6 -10 Packets

$ 9.95 ea

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11 or More Packets

$ 8.95 each

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20 Different Stephanie’s Flower Designs For You to Select From
That Guaranteed You Will Enjoy

Some of the orginal paintings these designs are from took 1 and 2 years to complete. Stephanie’s Love for Flowers and Stephanie’s Love for Detail

Most with a choice of white or cream card stock

Christmas Wreath Ribbon Note Pack
Magnolia Ribbon Tied Gift Pack

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Better than a card – a gift pack

Beautiful gift for ……….

Able to think of promotional deals for pre- order and quantity order

Everything Made Here In the USA

Printed Here

Put together here by real nice people:

Students, Mothers, Retired Grandma’s, Stephanie

Leda and Stephanie

What do you pay for a card. About $ 5.00

Get my gift pack and they are only $ 3.00 each

Get 5 gift packs and they are only $ 2.40 each

Get 10 gift packs and they are only  $1.50 ea.