Interior Scene, South Florida


  • Etching and Engraving.
  • Plate size inches.
  • Sheet app inches.
  • Edition of 185.
  • Signed in pencil.
  • Printed by the artist.


This etching was drawn from the room where I stayed while in South Florida.  With a comfortable desk, a quilt on the bed and filmy white curtains that move in the breeze, it was a most pleasant place but what really made it nice was the beautiful view and the sound of the surf.  The ocean in this part of Florida is tropical colored with many blues and greens that change with the cloud cover, clear skies, and time of day.  The palms move with the wind and weather as does the amount of people who come to enjoy the beach.  Boats big and small can usually be seen, and even though it’s 27 floors up, occasional happy sounds of people enjoying the beach can be heard above the constant sound of the surf.

Additional information

Unmounted - Mounted

Unmounted, Mounted


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